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Mobile Apps Are Aiding Mental Healthcare Accessibility in Wake of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic caused massive amounts of disruption in virtually every industry and area of life. With more people staying at home and limiting physical contact with others, medical professionals quickly began to express concern for how the pandemic and associated health practices would have a lasting impact on individuals' mental health. To address this [...]

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Innovative PT methods can make a world of difference for Parkinson’s patients

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is unquestionably difficult, as the disease progressively attacks one of our most precious life functions: movement. Fortunately, as the Michael J. Foxx association notes, “Most people find acceptance and quality of life after the initial adjustment period,” which can include coming to terms with the eventual modification or total [...]

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Will RPM Facilitate a New Model of Postoperative Care?

Recovering from a surgical procedure or severe illness can be a uniquely stressful experience, especially if you need to do so in a hospital. Being in an unfamiliar clinical environment, away from your home and family, is often emotionally taxing. The trade-off is worth it, of course -- a hospital provides increased safety and access [...]

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Remote Work May Open New Opportunities for Physical Therapy Providers

Remote work offers a well-packed portfolio of conveniences. At-home employees enjoy flexible scheduling, commute-less workdays, and all of the comforts of home. But in the months since Covid-19 prompted a mass exodus out of corporate cubicles and into home offices, some have realized a less-positive mainstay of remote work: back pain.  “As it turns out, [...]

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Can AI Improve Expecting Mothers’ Health? New Study Suggests So.

Artificial intelligence isn’t a phrase one usually expects to be heard in the same breath as maternal health -- and yet, recent research indicates that AI might be key to drastically improving outcomes for expecting mothers.  In early November, researchers from the University of Seville released a report suggesting that by integrating AI into prenatal [...]

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A World of Opportunity in Veterinary Wearables

Nowadays, keeping a weather eye on our daily wellness is as easy as buckling on a smartwatch. Wearable health tech has become all but ubiquitous in the consumer wellness sector. We use it to discreetly monitor our vitals, deploy scheduled medicine doses, track our fitness goals, improve our posture, and even call for help in [...]

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Diagnostic Chaos: What Happens When COVID and Flu Season Collide

Fall is coming. As the leaves change and temperature falls, healthcare providers across the country face a new and sobering challenge: navigating flu season during a global pandemic.  The early symptoms of COVID-19 are, at this point, familiar. Infected patients experience fever, chills, cough, fatigue, headache, sore throat, congestion, and nausea. The problem is that [...]

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For Providers, EHR Innovation Benefits Won’t Come Automatically

Given how innovative and game-changing electronic health records have been for the healthcare sector, you would think more providers would be excited about using them. Some are, of course -- but the reception that these information-centric innovations have received has been oddly mixed.  Electronic health records offer providers a real-time digital version of a patient’s [...]

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AI Solutions in Assisted Living — What Can Be Done?

Artificial intelligence has made its mark in nearly every sector of the healthcare industry -- so why not assisted living?    Over the last decade, artificial intelligence has proven itself to be adept at empowering healthcare providers, payers, and organizations to apply big health data and analytics towards critical clinical and administrative decisions. This capability [...]

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